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White people will use one black/ person of color who says 

  • Cultural appropriation isn’t a thing
  • black face isn’t racist
  • the N-word is just a word
  • etc

and expect you to just accept it.

Use one white person out of millions as an example of racism and they won’t shut up about how “Not ALL white people…blah blah blah”.

because “not ALL” only applies to the majority.

see: whites, men, heteros, etc


I took a much needed vacation in Rosarito, Mexico over the 4th of July weekend. 
Not only was it my first time ever being in Mexico (I’m a horrible Mexican) it was my first time traveling with my girlfriend. 
Lucky for me, I didn’t get on her nerves the entire time we were there. 

That and I got to take a buncha pics of her over the course of the weekend. I love how they turned out.